Hello world!

Hello, My name is Linda Albin McMurtrey, and I am a product of the High Plains, having been born in Lincoln, Nebraska, and raised in Central Nebraska in small towns and cities of the river valleys. The Plains put their mark on a person, and the people there do as well. They are descendants of Europeans from eastern to the northern most countries, plus those who were there first, the tribes of the Pawnee and Sioux and Omaha Indians.

The schools I attended were good ones, providing options that included lots of activities, the arts and good basic classes. I went on to study journalism at the University of Nebraska, later attending University of Maryland classes overseas and finishing a BA in political science/journalsim at UN/Kearney. In the 1970s I got a master’s in public administration at the University of Houston.

I tell you this to help show you where I’m coming from and how my perspective was formed. As a young wife associated with the military, I lived in California, South Carolina, England, Germany, France and Kansas before moving to Houston, Texas, where I met my husband, Ken. A chemist, he transfered to the University of Southern Mississippi at Hattiesburg in 1980 to do research and later teach.

We’ve been here 32 years now and during that time I’ve worked as a reporter, editor, in public relations and most recently for the City of Hattiesburg in community development and historic preservation planning. When I retired, I was working with Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Association in downtown development.

I have worked many years as a volunteer as well, in support of my historic neighborhood, Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood, and for historic preservation and downtown development on the state level. Now my volunteer work is as a member of the Hattiesburg Planning Commission. As such I’m committed to a better connected, more representative, more aesthetically pleasing and pedestrian friendly community.

What I will write about will flow from all of this background I’ve provided. Some of what I write will be very serious, some not so much – or at least be a lighter approach to what might be a serious subject.

To fill in about me: I live in a house that’s 120-plus years old, my husband is retired and devoted to old time music research and performance, and we have four cats and two dogs. I used to garden a lot but can’t anymore because of physical limitations. Most of my life I’ve been a bookworm but have found it difficult to read lately. If any of you have any clues/suggestions about the latter, let me know as I’m missing out on a lot of good books.



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