October’s bright blue weather

 Coming up on the second week of being mostly house bound, I’m beginning to be extremely familiar with the view out our bay window from where I sit in my recliner, new lumbar pillow and heating pad at hand.

 I’m in the recliner too much because of being “down in the back.” (I have no idea where that phrase comes from or what it means exactly, but for me it’s a flare-up of spinal arthritis.)

 Through the tops of the trees across the street, I can see a patch of sky, and this month, it has mostly been that gorgeous bright blue we associate with October: bright blue cloudless skies and warm — but not hot — weather. October is usually one of the best weather months in many places, and it’s always been my favorite month.

 In places where there are deciduous trees, the delightful display of fall color starts in October. In the Rockies around Denver, the aspen turn gold and shimmery. In Nebraska the elms and sumac leaves turn, and in Arkansas and elsewhere, the multiple species of trees show off leaves of gold, rust, red and everything related.

 Here in the Deep South some folks claim we have no fall, when in fact we do – it’s just more subtle than what some of us expect. The berries on the nandina and holly bushes are turning, for example, as are the leaves on the crepe myrtle and sweet gum trees. Downtown around the Civic Center, a line of gingkos are putting on a sparkling gold display to rival the aspen, while nearby the swamp cypress are showing their soft shade of rust.

 Just as the subtle spring displays of the Plains States aren’t obvious to the outsider, so it is with the quiet fall shows of the Deep South. Wherever you are, you often have to look close to see the beauty that surrounds you.




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